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Life stories – attracting targeted and targeted donations aimed at comprehensively solving various social and personal problems of a specific person, another direction of work of the international charitable foundation “Arch. Michael”.

On February 24, 2022, Ukraine received a significant hit in all spheres of life. We are concerned about those negative social phenomena and trends occurring in society. Therefore, the Foundation team focused on supporting people who need it. We are trying to create favorable conditions for our compatriots to survive the terrible times of war.

Most often, the main help is hidden in simple and accessible ways for each of us: to listen and satisfy the need. Our charitable activity is based on this.

We help these people through their stories. Because, in our opinion, only examples from real life inspire trust and a desire to help.

Everyone who wants to can listen to his heart, contribute a part of his support and kindness to joint affairs.

There are no small contributions and no small steps. Every action counts.

Reports on our work are published

We will be grateful for financial support, as well as other assistance, based on your capabilities