Help to the victims of war actions

Help to residents who have been injured as a result of war actions, found themselves in difficult living conditions are those who have been left without homes or have destroyed housing, another area of work of the international charitable foundation “Arch. Mikhail”.

The desire to help knows no bounds. An inner willingness to lend a hand to a stranger is enough. And it doesn’t matter at all how far he is from us, if his pain touched our heart. Helping alone is difficult, but when we unite our efforts, the impossible becomes possible. 

Volunteers of the Foundation try to provide the victims of military operations with food, medicine, and basic necessities. To give them a helping hand and support during this difficult period before they can return to a normal peaceful life.

Reports on our work are published

We are open to cooperation with charitable foundations and organizations to help our compatriots. With everyone who is ready to support the people of Ukraine.

We will be grateful for financial support, as well as other assistance, based on your capabilities.

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