October 19, 2022

When you see a person in trouble, do not think that life tests only them. This test concerns you too!

Feeding the poor, treating the sick, helping those who have experienced the horrors of war is an integral part of our present. And we always have a choice: to pass by or to lend a helping hand and give hope to those in need!

Is it hard alone? Yes. But when you have reliable friends around, everything is possible!

We thank our partners Charity Foundation Vostok SOS for 480 packages to help internally displaced persons from the temporarily occupied territories and persons whose settlements are in the combat zone, namely 416 standard food packages per family (food and hygiene kits).

For families with children under 3 years old – 32 children’s sets №1 and 32 children’s sets №2 (food and hygiene kits), which ICF “ARCH. MICHAEL” received for IDPs of Kyiv region.

We share photos of the cargo receipt.

We fight together, to victory! 💙💛