August 15, 2022

We call on all caring people to help an elderly woman in trouble. Because the hardest thing is when you are left alone with your grief. And it is a great happiness to understand that even complete strangers are ready to selflessly help you.

Lyubov Sadovska, who lives in the Zhytomyr Region, encountered such a situation. She had her own house, in which her family was born and her children grew up.

On that terrib;e day, Ms. Sadovska received a phone call from her neighbors and it became known that there was nothing left from her home. In 30 minutes, it  was completely burned.

The news about the tragedy that happened to the woman reached the Arch. Mikhail International Charitable Fund by accident. An expertize was carried out, which showed that it was impossible to restore the house.

Very quickly, a temporary building for sleeping and resting was created, where she still keeps her stuff.

The next step is the construction of a new small residential building. It already has a foundation, installed walls, laid wooden logs. Next comes the roof and windows.

The team of the “Arch Mikhail” charitable fund already has the necessary estimates and calculations. In order to complete the repair of Lyubov Ivanovna`s house, we are asking for help of every caring person.

Let’s improve the world around us together! Even in wartime, we continue to LIVE in order to create comfortable conditions FOR PEOPLE!

Your contribution is our strength! Together we can do more!