September 22, 2022

We again give people good mood and hope for peace, happy future and kindness of human hearts.

Today the team of the International Charitable Foundation “Archangel Michael” visited internally displaced persons of Kyiv and Kyiv region. They brought food packages for them, and thanks to Gennady Kokhanchuk also fruits and vegetables.

Such moments when a person is happy with what you do, you want to live again and again. This is what gives us the strength to find everything we need to make you feel happy.

It is for you that we make every effort to make your life comfortable in difficult times for the country.

All of us, members of the ICF “Archangel Michael” team, are also internally displaced persons. We support each other and support you, because there is strength in unity!

We remind you that for assistance you can contact us by phone +38 096 197 0895, by e-mail, as well as in social networks via the links:

👉 Instagram

👉 Twitter

👉 YouTube

👉Official Website of Fund

In the request for humanitarian aid, please indicate the name of the person who will receive it, the number of people who need it, what kind of assistance is needed, your contact details. Our volunteers will contact you and inform you about the possibility of providing certain types of assistance.

Those who have already submitted their applications for humanitarian aid, expect phone calls from our volunteers. There are a lot of requests, do not worry, we remember about everyone.

You can help internally displaced persons at the link 👉 or by the requisites fixed in the comments to the publication.

Your contribution is our strength! Together we can do more!

Don’t forget to repost and tell your friends. Let’s unite for a common goal. Together we will win! 🫶🇺🇦