A large number of Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes due to threats to their lives. Currently, most of them live in cities of temporary residence – in school gymnasiums, university auditoriums, kindergartens, cultural centers, hospitals and warehouses. But with a decrease in air temperature, many of these premises will become less suitable for living.

That is why we are launching an initiative to pay housing rent for ukrainians suffered in hostilities — a project that will save human lives and help hundreds of families survive this winter in warmth, safety and comfort, for which we are opening a fundraiser.

This is a project for caring people who have never seen each other, never communicated, but all believe as one that together we can do more!

The collected funds will be used to rent apartments in relatively safe cities of Ukraine. A long-term free rental agreement will be concluded for a period of 3-6 months, with the possibility of extension. In the event that a family that has rented an apartment decides to move to another city or country, the rent agreement will be prematurely terminated and the next family that needs it will move into the apartment.

This project does not have a specific estimate, the total amount to be collected. The approximate price of peace and comfort for forced migrants is on average about 8000-9000 hryvnias per month or $ 200-250..

The number of families and how long they will be able to receive a roof over their heads and faith in the future depends only on you:

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