Irpin Hero City. Young and beautiful. The city of health, smiles, happy lovers in parks. The city was created for happiness and love. A city that rapidly developed. Successful, wealthy and comfortable. European city of Ukraine.

Irpin today is destroyed buildings, crippled lives, destroyed infrastructure.

Irpin today has 115 completely destroyed buildings, 698 significantly damaged, 187 partially damaged.

Irpin today is a memory of killed innocent residents and the terrible stories of eyewitnesses.

Irpin today is about 50,000 citizens who were forced to leave their homes to save themselves and their relatives.

Irpin is a wound that still hurts its residents. And it will never stop hurting. Because the most terrible thing that each of us has is memory. And in this memory, the names of the dead will forever be on the plaques near the graves right in the center of the city, under the fences of private houses and on the roadsides.

And it is a pain that motivates us to go on: to rebuild what was destroyed, to return to our homes, to dismantle rubble, to grow new flowers and plant trees, to help each other.

And the main thing is to remember that WE ARE STRONG BECAUSE WE ARE UNITED.

With faith, with hope in our hearts, we must join our efforts for the revival of this beautiful city.

We invite everyone who cares to join forces to provide help to the residents of Irpin, who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Reports on our work are published on the Foundation’s website: And on the Facebook:

We will be grateful for financial support, as well as other assistance, based on your capabilities.