On February 24, 2022, the life of every Ukrainian changed forever. So did life of Lyubov Sadovska, she is an elderly woman from the small village of Popilnya in Zhytomyr Oblast, who came to work on that day and was able to return home only after two months.

The trouble happened on March 15, when Lyubov Ivanivna received a phone call from neighbors and learned that there was no home. In 30 minutes, all property was completely burned. In an instant, the woman was left without a home, but she was not left alone with her problem.

That is why we are launching a fundraiser to restore housing for an elderly woman.

A new small house will be built with the collected funds. It already has a foundation, installed walls, laid wooden logs. Next comes the roof, windows, doors, heating and other construction works.

Help an elderly woman to rebuild her home and start living from scratch! Joint good deeds have great power!

It is possible to help, I sent the funds to the details specified in the comments to this post.

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