Irpin city. Today – these are destroyed buildings, crippled lives. This is the memory of innocently killed civilians and the terrible stories of eyewitnesses. These are more than 50,000 Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes to save themselves and their relatives. These are 115 completely destroyed, 698 severely damaged, 187 partially damaged buildings.

That is why we are launching a project to help the residents of Irpin, whose houses were destroyed during the hostilities, for which we are opening a fundraiser.

This project is about caring people who have never seen each other, never communicated, but all believe as one that together we can do more!

The houses of the residents of Irpin will be restored with the collected funds.

Fundraiser for the restoration of a residential building, where Tetyana Kozak’s family lived

Irpin, str. Severynivska, building 105n

At the age of 56, resident of Irpin Tetyana Vasylivna lost all her property, but did not lose heart. Her house, like many other houses of the residents of Irpin, was bombed. She continues to fight for her proper living conditions and her loved ones, starting all over again.

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Fundraiser for the housing restoration housing of Tetyana Zhukovia’s family.

Irpin, st. Varshavska, building 104

Tetyana Mykolaivna, a native resident of Irpin, lived her entire life to her hometown. On March 23, phosphorus bombs completely destroyed her home, leaving only bare brick walls. The entire two-story house, the garage, all the trees on the plot of land – nothing escaped the infernal fire.

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Fundraiser for the housing restoration of the Petra Parkhomets family

Irpin, st. Bagirova, building 34/2

The trouble started with several planes that scattered incendiary phosphorous shells at the exact time when the children and grandchildren came to visit the parents. The youngest in the family said: “Grandpa, let’s run away!”. All the time the owner was hiding in the basement.

Now it is difficult to look at the house without tears – the walls, ceiling, roof, stairs were broken, the pipes were pulled out of the wall – the fire destroyed almost every square meter of the building.

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Fundraiser to restore the housing of Nina Polonska’s family

Irpin, st. Pokrovska, building 37

A week after her evacuation from the city of Irpin, she received news from her neighbors that her apartment was completely destroyed. Everything burned.

Nina Mykolaivna lost her heart from the mere thought that everything must be started from the beginning. In addition, her 86-year-old grandmother lives with her. Two women were left in the open with their common misfortune.

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